Pharmaceutical Machinery, Packaging Machinery Manufacturer

Zhejiang Jiangnan Pharmaceutical Machinery Company Ltd. is a pharmaceutical equipment manufacturer located in China. We are committed to producing a variety of high quality pharmaceutical equipment and packaging equipment, such as our tablet coating machine, blister packing machine, automatic cartoning machine, softgel encapsulation machine, capsule filling machine, granulator, and more. Jiangnan products are widely used in the medicine, food, and other industries in countries around the world.

Pharmaceutical Machinery, Packaging Machinery Manufacturer
  • High Efficiency Tablet Coating Machine
  • High Efficiency Tablet Coating MachineWith beautiful appearance, high efficiency, low power consumption and other advantages, the high efficiency tablet coating machine can make organic film, water soluble film and sugar coating for various tablets, pills, candies, etc. Widely used in pharmacy, food, biology and other areas, this machine has been exported to Southeast Asia, Australia, Europe, Middle East, South America and other regions.
  • High Speed Blister Packaging Machine
  • High Speed Blister Packaging MachineAdopting variable frequency speed regulation and control technology integrating mechanics, electronics, light and gas, the DPP-260H high speed blister packaging machine is a piece of modified equipment newly launched by our company. Made in strict accordance with requirements of GMP, this machine has advanced technology, easy operation and high yield, which is the ideal packaging equipment for large and medium-sized pharmaceutical enterprises, health care products and food industry.
  • Horizontal Cartoning Machine
  • Horizontal Cartoning MachineDue to the horizontal design, the horizontal cartoning machine will cover a larger area than the vertical cartoning machine. There are two models, WZH-100 and WZH-180, available. These two models correspond to cartons with different size ranges. The WZH-180 horizontal cartoning machine has higher work efficiency, but it consumes more energy accordingly. Customers can choose the appropriate model based on the actual needs.
  • Automatic Medicine Packaging Production Line
  • Automatic Medicine Packaging Production LineThis automatic medicine packaging production line can automatically complete blister packaging, missing and broken pieces detection, waste plate excluding, leaflet folding and cartoning, plate cartoning and other steps, which is suitable for AL-plastic and carton packaging of products in pharmacy, cosmetics, food, electronics and other industries.
  • Automatic Capsule Filling Machine
  • Automatic Capsule Filling MachineAdopting multi bore filling, intermittent operation and frequency control, the automatic capsule filling machine can complete capsule feeding, separating, filling, locking, and finished product output for power and pellet capsules. International famous brand of bearings and electrical devices are adopted, enabling the machine to run at high speed and perform stably.
  • Super Mixing Granulator
  • Super Mixing GranulatorThe super mixing granulator is suitable for mixing of powder and powder and for granulation of powder and binder in the pharmaceutical, chemical, food and other industries. The whole working process includes mixing and granulating.
  • ZP-33E Rotary Tablet Press Machine
  • ZP-33E Rotary Tablet Press MachineZP-33E rotary tablet press machine is the latest type product, prominently characterized by high speed, high capacity, fully enclosed structure, attractive appearance, high efficiency, low energy consumption, environmentally friendly, long lifespan, easy for heat dissipation, simple operation, etc. It can be suitable for pressing all kinds of normal or abnormal tablets in food, plastic, electronic, chemical and pharmaceutical industries.