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Established in 1997, Zhejiang Jiannan Pharmaceutical Machinery Co., Ltd. is a professional machine manufacturer and supplier in China. We are engaged in the manufacture of softgel encapsulation machines, blister packing machines, filling sealing machines, automatic cartoners, medicine mixers, mixing granulators, among other pharmaceutical machines and pharmaceutical packing machines. Our pharmaceutical machines are of stable performance, high quality and have obtained ISO9001 and CE certification.
Jiangnan is located in Ruian city of Zhejiang province and is surrounded by many transportation facilities including roads, sea, and air. This convenient location enables us to incur low production costs and shipping costs. This enables our customers to minimize their overall costs.

As a pharmaceutical machine manufacturer in China, Jiangnan's products range covers softgel encapsulation machines, film coating machines, medicine packaging lines, blister packing machines, automatic cartoners, medicine mixers, mixing granulators, dry granulators, capsule filling machines, filling sealing machines, auto open capsule taking powder machines (shell board), and capsule separating polishing machines.
These pharmaceutical machines are of a desirable design, intelligent-operation design, high efficiency and low prices. They are therefore increasingly demanded in countries that include Malaysia, Thailand, Vietnam, Germany, France, USA, Canada, Argentina, Brazil and more.

Film coating machines are used for coating various tablets, pills and candies in organic films, water-soluble films, sugar films, etc.
Softgel encapsulation machines are applicable in the manufacture of medicines, health care products, cosmetics, paintballs, among other products.
Blister packing machine is a pharmaceutical machine that uses a transparent plastic film to form blisters. Capsules are sealed between the blisters and the base plate.
Medicine packaging line is a common pharmaceutical machine that is able to carry our PVC blister forming, auto medicine filling, filling inspection, PTP hot sealing, scrap recycling, and more functions. It is widely used in packaging applications in hospitals, health care products manufacturing and other industries.
Medicine mixer is used in medical, chemical, food and more industries for mixing powders and producing granules.

Quality Control
Jiangnan thrives on quality. In order to produce competitive pharmaceutical machines and win a larger market share, we hire a team of experienced engineers who work to research on and improve the quality of our pharmaceutical machines. We strictly adhere to ISO9001 quality standards and monitor every production detail. As a result, the qualified rate of our products is as high as 100%.

Cost Control
To lower the cost, we have imported advanced production lines, which work for the mass production of our pharmaceutical machines. Additionally, our long-term partnership with raw material suppliers has enabled us to gain access to better raw materials at low costs. This enables us to offer our clients high quality pharmaceutical machines at competitive prices.

As a pharmaceutical machine manufacturer with over 10 years of experience, Jiangnan is able to satisfy your needs with regard to pharmaceutical machines.

Chairman's Address
Since its establishment, Zhejiang Jiangnan Pharmaceutical Machinery Co., Ltd has continued to carry out its operations in a human-oriented, sincere and faithful manner. We have strived to make improvements aimed at giving the "Jiangnan Brand" a prestigious place in the market.

Besides this, our company has a large production capacity for various pharmaceutical machinery of excellent quality. The company has also received the title of being a National Hi-tech company in the sector.

Nowadays, there are technological changes that happen on a day to day basis. "Jingnan" will continue to move forward while encouraging entrepreneurship, cooperation, and use of modern technologies, coupled with human capital. We are guided by the spirit of innovation and initiative, scientific management, focus on users, application of staff and clients knowledge, in order to revitalize the pharmaceutical industry by working hard to develop high-tech pharmaceutical equipments on a continuous basis.

We sincerely express our gratitude to all those who work together with us and appreciate the help and support we receive from our customers during the process. We will continue our effort to create a first class enterprise that produces first class products and services, while cooperating with all our partners and clients for the development of a bright future.

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