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The granulator is mainly used to produce drug granules in the pharmaceutical industry, but it can also be used in the food industry. Based on the manufacturing methods, our granulators are divided into dry compact granulator, super mixing granulator, oscillating granulator and fluidized bed dryer granulator.

Our products have high production efficiency and can produce hundreds of kilograms of granules per hour. As a medical granulating machine, our granulator is able to produce drug granules with high stability and uniformity and without fragmentation.

Jiangnan Enterprise is a professional granulator manufacturer in China. The wide range of products we offer includes super mixing granulator, tablet press machine, three directional movable mixing machine, automatic open capsule and powder taking machine, and more.

Related Names
Granule Making Machine Supplier | Pharmaceutical Manufacturing Equipment | Granulation Process | Granulating Machine
Other Products
  • Single Punch Tablet Press MachineSingle punch tablet press machine is a small desktop type product for electric and continuous sheeting, providing the function of pressing all kinds of granular raw materials into round ones. It can be available in labs for trial production or low volume production of various types of tablets, sugar pills, calcium tablets, pills of abnormal shape and so on.
  • Rotary Tablet Press MachineRotary tablet press machine can be divided into different types, and each type product possesses distinct maximum diameters of tablets and distinct production capacity. Compared to single punch product, our rotary product can be also used to press a variety of granular raw materials into round ones, but features stronger working capacity with high efficiency of finishing hundreds of thousands of tablets per hour.
  • Fluid Bed DryerFluid bed dryer is a desirable product in compliance with the GMP standard, able to deal with such raw materials as large granule in size and small pellets with some adhesion. Due to its high speed mixing, we can use screw roller to extrude and vibrate powder raw materials. Also, our product can serve to dry humidity block or powder in food, chemical, feedstuff and pharmaceutical industries, etc.
  • Hot Air OvenHot air oven is prominently characterized by high heat efficiency and energy conservation, stable performance, low noise, self controlled temperature, as well as convenient to install and maintain, which can be widely applicable in both light and heavy industries, foodstuff, chemical and pharmaceutical industries and so on for heating and dehumidification.