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Dry Compact Granulator

The dry compact granulator makes powder directly into granules by using crystal water in the materials. There is no need of water, ethanol or other wetting agents, avoiding instability of produced granules. With simplified process (wetting, pressing and drying), the work efficiency is high. This granulator was ranked as National Key New Product by National Ministry of Science and Technology in 2005.

Formed by compression, the produced granules have high density, uniform weight and no fracture. In addition, the dry compact granulator is made by high-quality imported stainless steel, which is small in volume and easy to clean, meeting requirements of GMP.

Model ZKG-100
Max. Productivity 100kg/h
Granular Specification 0.4-2mm
Pinch Roller Φ200×90
Max. Thrust 21T
Total Power 6.4kw
Overall Size (L×W×H) 1560mm×1080mm×2160mm
Weight 1,000kg

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