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Rotary Tablet Press Machine

ZP-33E rotary tablet press machine is the latest type product, prominently characterized by high speed, high capacity, fully enclosed structure, attractive appearance, high efficiency, low energy consumption, environmentally friendly, long lifespan, easy for heat dissipation, simple operation, etc. It can be suitable for pressing all kinds of normal or abnormal tablets in food, plastic, electronic, chemical and pharmaceutical industries.

In response to GMP requirements, we adopt stainless steel as material contact parts of our rotary tablet press machine, the polished surface of its turntable, as well as organic glass perspective window for observation and maintenance. Furthermore, this device comes with over loading protection, driving system and hydraulic system for import frequency timing. Its punch die is ZP19 ZP33B type.

Main Technical Parameter
Model ZP-33E
Quantity of punch dies, Set 33 Sets
Maximum tablet pressing force , KN 80
Maximum punching depth, mm 17
Maximum tablet diameter, mm 20 for regular, 16 for irregular
Maximum tablet thickness, mm 7
RPM 16-36r/min
Maximum productivity 140000 tablets/h
Power of main motor, KW 380V, 50HZ, 3KW in the condition of 220V and 60HZ
Overall Dimension, mm 1300*1200*1750
Weight of main machine, kg 2000

Working Principle
As a whole construction for tablet operation, the upper portion of our rotary tablet press machine falls into upper punches, middle dies and lower punches. Among them, we evenly place 33 sets of punches and dies around the periphery of turret. Then, the upper and lower punches, which are located on the fixed camber tracks, will start up and down movements long the tracks once the turret makes rotational motion to accomplish the target of tablet. There are four main working procedures, including feeding, filling, pressing and tablets output.

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